Recommendation One
UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and the Sustainable Development Goals

That Parliamentarians worldwide give their full support to the Manifesto #4roadsafety and call on UN Member States to urgently redouble their efforts in the Decade of Action for Road Safety to meet the SDG target to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2020.


Recommendation Two
Parliamentarians and Road Safety Leadership

That Parliamentarians worldwide strongly support the development of effective road injury prevention programmes which apply best practice road safety laws supported by ambitious casualty reduction targets; that bi-partisan Friends of Road Safety Groups are established in national legislatures to support the UN Decade of Action and the road safety related SDGs; and that international parliamentary bodies such as the Inter Parliamentary Union and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association include road safety in their activities supporting the SDGs and inter-parliamentary co-operation.


Recommendation Three
The Safe System Approach

That Parliamentarians worldwide encourage the adoption of the Safe System Approach applied to their own countries priorities for road injury prevention with improved speed management serving as a critical overall policy instrument.


Recommendation Four
Road Safety Policy and Legislative Priorities

That Parliamentarians worldwide review their national road safety policies and legislation, support implementation of the recommended priority interventions from the WHO’s Save LIVES technical package, and advocate for greater adoption and application of the UN’s road safety related transport conventions and agreements.


Recommendation Five
Road Safety at Work

That Parliamentarians worldwide support policies that promote occupational road safety and to review their national laws and procedures to ensure that they are aligned with recommended international best practice, and to encourage the UN to develop a set of global guidelines for minimum regulatory standards for workplace road safety.


Recommendation Six
Good Governance and Road Safety

That Parliamentarians worldwide support the application of good governance principles to national road injury prevention programmes and greater effort by the donor community to improve the accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness of their road safety projects.


Recommendation Seven
Integrating Road Safety with Sustainable Transport Policies

That Parliamentarians worldwide support the integration of road injury prevention with policies promoting sustainable development such as speed limits which will both reduce casualties and vehicle emissions and by prioritising non-motorised transport.


Recommendation Eight
The role and policies of the Multilateral Development Banks

That Parliamentarians worldwide encourage the MDBs, to strengthen their road infrastructure project evaluation procedures to ensure that traffic injury costs are fully identified; to apply a minimum ‘three star’ safety performance on all their road investments; and to update the Road Safety Guidelines of their Joint Road Safety Initiative to be aligned with the World Bank’s new Environment and Social Framework.


Recommendation Nine
Funding for Road Safety

That Parliamentarians worldwide support the provision of funding for road safety by endorsing the creation of a UN Road Safety Trust Fund, supported by innovative financing, and by ensuring adequate resources are allocated to national road injury prevention programmes.


Recommendation Ten
Road Safety Target for 2030

That Parliamentarians worldwide support at the end of the current UN Decade of Action, the adoption of a new SDG 3 target to halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030 using 2020 as a baseline.






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