Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Hon Andrian Candu MP

Speaker of the Parliament, Moldova

Hon NIKORN Chamnong MP

President of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Road Safety System Reform, Thailand

Ihor Didenko MP

Chairman of the Subcommittee on Road Traffic Security of Transport Parliamentary Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament

Gen. Mohamed Elsayed Teama

Head of the Transport Committee, House of Representatives, Egypt

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Former UK Road Safety Minister & Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Council for Transport Safety, United Kingdom

Senator Alex Gallacher

Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Road Safety Group, Australia

Naira Karapetyan MP

Council of Europe Rapporteur on Road Safety & Public Health, Armenia

Deiter-Lebrecht Koch MEP

Vice Chairman, European Parliament Committee on Transport & Tourism, Germany

Federal Deputy Hugo Leal

President of the Parliamentary Front for Road Safety, Brazil

Hon Ganesh Mandal MP

Member of State Affairs Committee and former Medical Officer, Nepal

Hon LLEW O’Brien MP

Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Road Safety Group, Australia

Hon Ambassador Adadi Rajabu MP

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, Tanzania

Hon Cesar Sarmiento

Chairman, Transportation Committee, House of Representatives, Philippines

Olga Sehnalová MEP

Member of the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, Czech Republic;

Hon Jose E Serrano

US House of Representatives, Member of the House Appropriations Committee, United States of America

Barry Sheerman MP

Chairman of the Parliamentary Council for Transport Safety and the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators, United Kingdom